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Cancel Domain Buy Service and refund

writing on chat about an hour or so. no help whatsoever. made mistake on purchasing this service. and wanted to cancel it within minuttes. No help just plain stupid  talking from the representative about their refund policies.

paid 80USD for nothing.



By checking on I found no registration of that domain and no registration is made, I paid 80USD for service that I have purchased by mistake and want refund.

I dont trust in this service and I dont think this is legitimate to pay 80 dolars for nothing.

I spent over an hour with customer support and they only talk no refund can be made.


I really hate this customer service. This is beyond customer centric . People make mistakes, but this is my money being stolen from this company


I contacted customer service immediately after purchase about this purchase, but no help only refund policy talk for over an hour.


So, I paid 80 dollars for someone to contact noneexisting owner of this domain that is not even registered.


I want my money back. and never use this company again.