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Change Your Refund Policy

Here's a suggestion on ways you can improve the "GoDaddy Community"...change your refund policy and be fair with people.  I've been a loyal customer for years.  I've even referred my clients to you because I liked your live customer service. 


Since November I've spent over $300 in services I can no longer use. After doing everything I could on my end to improve the issue I contacted GoDaddy support.  They sold me a premium support package and claimed "they'd fix it no matter how long it took." I used of 1 of 3 credits I purchased.  With that one credit, support went in and turned off all my plugins to identify the problem.  I know this is standard with determining issues on WordPress, but they turned them off and left them off without telling me and closed out the ticket as if it were fixed.  It wasn't fixed because they shut down advertising campaigns my customers had paid for.  After turning the plugins back on myself to get the advertising running again, things never worked the same.  You could only talk to support via email and I was frustrated because it was taking days to communicate with them and they didn't seem to be fully understanding the issues I was having. I was loosing money on advertising by the day. 


I ended up having to hire a local developer to fix the site and moved it to a new host to get what I needed.


Now I have two premium support credits, an SSL and a hosting package paid through December I'm not using but can't get a prorated refund because I'm "beyond my 30 days."  I get the importance of having policies and sticking to them, but when your team screws something up and causes someone to loose not only time, but also money, you should be a little more customer service focused and try to work with people.  Not every situation can fit in to a black and white policy.