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Confused how to add Plans

We have the Business Plus Plan being billed at $17 monthly.  The site builder is used, but we need WordPress and the MYSQL database instead.


A bit lost over the different plans for web hosting, One list appears to be someone who yet does not have a plan like the Business Plan.  The Business Plan is supposed to be like having VPS.


If I followed the plans and pricing pages correctly, we just need to add the current $3 Basic Hosting with WP on sale now then billed at $8 per month after a year.  This should give us WP and MYSQL correct?  Still, like having VPS and not really signing up for VPS at another $18 monthly? 


So IF we add WP Hosting then this year would be 17 + 3 = $20 monthly then 17 + 8 = $25 monthly?


As opposed to dropping Business Plus Plan and picking up WP Hosting for $4 monthly going to $9 monthly.

There is yet another Hosting set of plans, but I assume this is non-WP?!


Why so many to confuse?  Need help understanding so we can make a decision.


Our outside options are easier even if same or more cost.  Such as DreamHost always at $8 and VPS $15, simple and maybe same prices, but hard to figure out based on all the options.

Would like to stay, but getting ready to move lately.



Community Manager

Hi @SRCaid,

Sorry to hear that you're so confused by all of the hosting plans! It sounds like the best thing for you to do is contact our customer support team as you can talk with them about your business needs and they can help you with the best plan to fit your needs.You can find the best number to reach us in your local area by going to Good luck and I hope you can come to a decision soon. Take care!


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