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Difficulty with O365 email migration and domain purchase

My company purchased an office 365 subscription from Godaddy the last part of December.  We were told that the migration would take place on Jan 2nd and the only thing we had to do was wait on the migration to take place.  Now mind our company was coming from web mail from Godaddy so we had numerous accounts that we needed to be placed in an outlook file to be migrated over as well.  The salesman Zach new this, as this was one of the reasons we went with Godaddy versus microsoft.  If we only knew that this would end up in a fiasco.  When the migration took place a domain name was included which should not have been included which I feel is a simple mistake and not punishable by death.  However the death sentence is dealing with Godaddy's support team that gives different answers almost every time you call.  


I explained twice about the domain that was not to be apart of O365 which finally a service rep listened and made the switch back.  I explained that I need to get some old email's from accounts for historical data to be placed into one of the new O365 accounts but I did not know I was supossed to do this before migration.  I was told that they would point the DNS records back to work space and I should go in get what I wanted and they can point everything back to Microsoft.  Well that was the first call.  I was told to wait about an hour and things would be back to normal and I could make the necessary changes to the accounts and this should not be a process.  Ok I log into my workspace account and I could not change the password called go daddy back 2nd rep told me that they saw the problem and to give it another hour and then I can do what I needed to do.  3 hours later still can't change the password the messages at the bottom of the screen says migrating to office 365??????  Humm.  Called back 3rd rep told me that it needed to have a final sweep and I should call back in the morning which was today.  I purposely waited until the afternoon to make sure all sweeps were finalized.  I called back and to NO avail did this work either.  4th rep now tells me that the migration that took place on the 2nd of Jan went through but because I changed it back to work space I need to wait an additional 72 hours now mind I am missing emails because of this fiasco.  I explained to the rep that I needed a supervisor because this was the first time I was told I had to wait 72 hours.  The supervisor Jessie Luna which offered no help just repeated the same thing the rep told me.  My question was wait why was I not told this 3 reps ago?  What are we supposed to do about email? Why could he not change anything because in all the years of me dealing with this company I've not called one time.  Not once but now the supervisor who was the only supervisor in AZ could not help nor make any phone calls on my behalf to get my office staff up and running.  No solutions did'nt offer to stay with the project nothing........  This is the poorest of customer service Godaddy can hire which would be a supervisor who can't help a business stay connected.  So I would like to know what can be done?  This can't be the first time this has happened and I can't possibly be the only one.  I would like a response to a very pricy upgrade from a team that has won so many awards for customer service.  




Derek Knight


Re: Difficulty with O365 email migration and domain purchase



Will only answer questions based on email related challenges.  Anything else concerning the Microsoft layout, Admin portal, etc Godaddy does not service.  I will always respond to a public board making light of the non service godaddy offers to the office 365 product.