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Does GoDaddy Try To Keep Customers?

Well, I have been with GoDaddy on and off for years and I just started a website with you about a month or two ago. I was wanting to upgrade my account to one that had a shopping cart and I noticed I could upgrade with you, but it would cost me 29.99 a month, even with a 30% discount, it would still me a little bit more than what I wanted to spend.


I found another popular web hosting service (I will not say) but I can get the same package with them for about half of what I would be paying with you,.. yes, they have about all the same features as GoDaddy. Yes, your web sites are a little bit easier to setup using your web site builder, but all in all, its about the same.


I got online and chatted with one of your reps. and to tell you the truth,.. I was kinda taken back by how they didn't even try to keep me as a customer. I like GoDaddy but as I said.. it's just a deal that I could not pass up.. I have not canceled my account yet because I am in the middle of building my new website/shopping cart with the other provider but I did want to pass this on to GoDaddy.


If you want to talk to me more about this Godaddy, feel free to email me at

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 Hi I been with Godaddy for about 18 years by now and I will never change service.  Godaddy is the best in the World so if you can not recognize that it would be hard to convince you and some people just love to complain about Godaddy.   If you host your own website using deluxe hosting plan at about 16.99 a month you can build your own shopping cart for free.  How-ever at only 29.99 a month for Godaddy to build it for you,  is rather cheap.  Maybe you just need to find the right product to sell on your website to support the small cost of 29.99 or take the time to learn how to build your own shopping cart then you might appreciate Godaddy and their  time for doing it for you.


        You can also embed Paypal into your website too? They only charge 3.9 % of 300.00 = 39.99 a month if you sold that type of volume.    Face it - its just the cost of business or value time and program your own shopping cart.    


     Godaddy is awesome for giving all us business entrepreneurs in the USA the best products and services.    Go ahead and find your cheap deal I just hope the best for you. 






Thank you for your reply, however my post was for GoDaddy and to let you know... I have the GoCentral Business account,.. yes. I am running the pay pal buttons and it limits me to how many I can use, 2nd,.. the 29.99 is not for GoDaddy to build my web store, its the cost of having one and ME building it. Thats what I was told by GoDaddy..


I am glad you like them, I like them as well.. I didn't say that I didn't. All I said was, that I was taken back how they didn't even try to keep me and I wanted them to know.


So, again, thank you for the some what rude response and I will keep your name on hand just in case I have anything that I want to ask YOU, but at this time I don't need your help or wish to hear what you think.

Oh cool ,  


   Hummmm  well I don't think I was rude but it is how You perceive it like you did Godaddy so maybe its just you.


    And cool I am glad to help you in the future.


 You can Woocommerce your shopping cart for free  how about that buddy here's the link        


Albert :)-


Hi @in4sit74, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.

Every customer is important to GoDaddy. GoDaddy offers several different products across multiple price points to try to meet many different needs, and we always try to keep our prices competitive.


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