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GoDaddy took my website down a rabbit hole and now will not provide help in getting it set back up



I am a longtime customer of GoDaddy for my domain. In August, GoDaddy required me to migrate my website to a new domain. They effed up the migration and I have spent since August trying to get it working. I was on the phone w/ them this weekend for over 7 hours alone and still, nothing. I was literally told that because I didn't catch their mistake, that this is on me and I am SOL. I am beyond desperation as I have a new client for whom I need my website up and running for a marketing call and I have already had to cancel once because of this issue. Now tonight, at 8:30 pm after two hours on the phone and having this lousy CSR tell me that there is nothing that can be done, that it is on me, I am done. Somehow, I need to unwind myself from this horrific company and get myself set up from scratch w/ a new host. This is has been a NIGHTMARE.

Community Manager

Hi @TVB17. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Very sorry to hear that you've had an unpleasant experience with our support team. Quality of support is something that we take great pride in and this definitely doesn't sound like the type of experience we want customers to have.  We're always looking for ways to get better and we appreciate you sharing your feedback with us.


If there is a specific technical issue that the community can try to help out with, I'd encourage you to post that subject as it's own thread. Someone may be able to provide suggestions on how you can move forward.


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