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Godaddy Argentina can NOT solve my problem

I had a fairly simple billing problem, but in Godaddy Argentina they told me they can not solve it.

On April 2, 2018 buy a domain in .com and .net, the next day consider a better option, and also buy the domain .com and .net, canceling the purchase made "HOURS" before.


Effectively the cancellation occurs, but they do not refund the money since they indicate me recently that "ONLY" the money is reimbursed if I took the job of calling by phone to an operator of Godaddy Argentina for "WARNING" that he had canceled the product and required the return within 30 days, however "YES" immediately sells the same domain to another interested party, charging the same product again.


Personally I use your products more than 10 years ago. In they are "MASTERS" in technology and automation of sales of web services, promotions, combos and updates for people with a click to buy and keep buying and adding services and promotions until Check Out!


I have a hard time believing that all its infrastructure in technology and software can not automatically accept a cancellation of a product "UNLESS TELEPHONICALLY ADVISED". I am sorry. I can not believe them. It just sounds like cheating and / or scam.


All this comment is simplified in a reference of abuse of power of against its customers, since it was more important to earn USD 25 Additional, than to lose a client who has more than 20 registered and active domains for so many years.


It's a shame they have such dishonest policies and operators in Godaddy Argentina.


If you want to verify it, the purchase references are as follows:


# 1288529708 - 04/02/2018 - $ 331.48 ARS
# 1288079827 - 02/04/2018 - $ 331.48 ARS


Hi @hivitro, thanks for posting.

Keep in mind that members of the Community do not have access to account or billing details, so we would not be able to review the orders or refunds that you mentioned. If you still need assistance with this, you will need to call Support and continue working with them. Support can be reached through any of the numbers on this page:


When you cancel a service, refunds are not automatically processed. To request a refund, you do need to contact Support. Products and services are also only refundable within a certain timeframe. For details on the GoDaddy refund policy, you can check this document:


When a new domain is canceled within 5 days, it will be released within 5 days of registration. Once a domain is released, it is available for public registration by anyone. If you canceled a domain in April and it has since been registered by another individual, the domain would not be available for you to purchase. If you are sill interested in the domain, you can try contacting the current owner.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Unfortunately I do not find in the terms and conditions of service the point where
clearly mentioned that I must call by phone to make the cancellation and in any case, if it is confirmed that the contract was made in electronic form legally the cancellation must also be electronic.


Thank you very much for your response GaryA, but I am not satisfied and I do not generate any solution.


I will take the right to create a legal appointment to a Godaddy representative in Argentina to discuss this issue personally.


Thanks also.



Community Manager

Hi @hivitro,

So sorry to hear that you feel like we haven't taken care of you! My suggestion is to call our customer support team back and ask to talk with one of our supervisors to see if you can work this out. I see that you've been with us for 10 years and we certainly want to make sure that you're with us for another 10 years. Take care and keep us posted!


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