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Gooday customer service is very poor and technical support is a waste of time - cache was cleared

To this day I cannot forward to


Contacted godaddy support via chat and they said in one(1) hour it would take effect but five(5) hours after the situation is still the same.  Mind you the cache was cleared and I used different browsers, different devices. 


Godaddy support is a waste of time.

Community Manager

Hi @rogergill. Sorry you've had issues with getting your forwarding set up the way you want it. You should just be able to add "" in the Forward To box when editing your forwarding. It doesn't appear that has happened yet based on external redirect tests. Also, I see you have a redirect on that pushes the address to (without the WWW). This is due to how our Website Builder works. There is a way to force the use of WWW on our Website Builder, which you can find out more about from this forum post. Hope that helps. 


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