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Horrible customer support

I've been on the support line for 45 minutes, on hold, although my estimated wait time was 10 minutes.  I am making an international call here as my website is down, and when I tried to restore my website from one of the old healthy backups (managed WordPress panel), I got an error. All I need is my website to be restored, and I can't figure out why this feature (restore) is not working!

Also, I noticed today, by chance, that Godaddy needed me to change my A record for DNS (since I my domain is registered with a different registrar. My website has been live for more than 3 years, btw). I was not notified, and I discovered this as my traffic has dropped significantly during the past few days! When I logged into GoDaddy panel, I was asked to update my A record at the registrar website. I would have appreciated an email notification that an action is required by me, rather than have all my traffic drop (from 1500-2000 visits per day to 50 per day!!!)


When I chose Godaddy, it was because of their claim of being an award-winning customer service company. Although there are many other cheaper providers I decided to chose Godaddy, and I have been a customer for around 3 years. But this decline in service is really frustrating!


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I get this frown whenever someone complains about support. Not because I am vested in GoDaddy support but because I have had bad experiences as well. I say that to say I feel your pain and frustration. 


I can't really speak to international support but the first thing I'd say is as much as possible try to use your local number. Check out GoDaddy Global Support to find the number that might work better for you? 


As far as the notifications or lack there of for your A record issue I'd say to please check the email address on file with GoDaddy. Just have a look in your user profile because that is where those kind of notification emails are sent. I hope that helps? 


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