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How to get a refund without calling the support number?

Hey, how can I request a refund without calling the support number. Can I request one through the site or by email?


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You should be able to resolve billing issues using live chat @TAlex? I've not personally used live chat to resolve billing issues but give it a try and let us know. 


Live chat teams are not 24/7 yet. Live chat is available Monday-Friday 5AM - 6PM (UTC-7) and can be accessed from the chat buttons located on the top or bottom of GoDadfy pages during those times. I hope that helps? 


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Dear Go daddy team

please cancle my purchase order no.#1320402028 dated 9 June 2018 to renew domain name


sameer saleh

Hi @SameerSaleh.

Please keep in mind that members of the Community do not have access to your account or billing details. If you would like to request a refund, you must contact Support by either phone or chat.


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