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I have lodged an official complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission



I discussed an auto renewal refund on a domain with your live chat service and was advised that I had not contacted your company in time to organise a refund within the 72 hour period of the charge.


Despite the following: -

- The invoice was sent to me on the 10th at 5:55am 

- The charge showing up on the 11th on my card statement and today being the 14th.

- The domain was not up for renewal until the 21/08/2018.

- I did not personally enable the auto renewal option.


After asking for escalation I was advised point blank that I was not entitled to a refund and no further action would be taken by your company.


I have since lodged an official complaint with the ACCC with a copy of the transcript and the charge to my account and your refund policies.

I am letting your organisation know this information, in this forum, in the hope you will reconsider your stance on these types of refunds - 3 days is a very minimal amount of time given the busy schedule most people keep during the week.


Thank you,






Hi Cheyne,


Thanks for posting. It sounds like you may have had a country code top-level domain. These domains may have different refund policy guidelines that are set by the Registry, you can view our full refund policy here. Unfortunately, if it is outside of the refund policy you are not eligible for a refund. We appreciate you providing feedback and if you have additional account specific questions you will need to contact our live support as this is not a support forum. Thanks!



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