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Overcharged for Domain

Registered for $.99 domain and I was charged $11.99.  of course 24/7 support is 30+ minute wait and chat is offline. 

Community Team
Community Team

The promotional offer you're referencing is a one time use discount.  If you've already registered a domain at that discounted rate, that would explain why the price was different when you added the domain name to your shopping cart.  If you've never used the discount for registering a domain in the past, you'd need to speak to our live support teams so we can review and make sure you get the discount if you qualify for it.  Thanks.



I just looked at the breakdown of my purchases -- of several domains created back in February/January. Gotta go look at the dates again! LOL But when I was looking to buy, the . club one was like .99 and two of the others, I think it was the .info and the ???  I know this much: when I came online, to buy, IU wanted the .com, the .net and the .org and that was IT. But the guy kinda talked me into the others, and said cause they were SO cheap, it'd be like nothing. And it would protect my 'name' ... which is likely going to be redirected to a different name soon anyway!  Who knew? LOL I truly AM a novice. But tonight, when I NEARLY bought that SmartLine plan, but read comments first -- I wised up! THEN I checked to see if I had been charged correctly. Not ONE of the domains I bought was for .99 and NON were under $50 each! Or close!  WTH? Even originally, the three I wanted didn't cost more than that each! So, I've paid for domains I don't want or need, and now find that I was overcharged to begin with!  AND yes, I have used godaddy .. in 2015 ... so any promos DO still apply! I ASKED! I'm a totally new customer. I never even put the domains from long ago online even! SO .. AM I PAYING FOR SMARTLINE?? I sure hope not!  AND, can you please buy back the domains i never wanted or needed! I do not want or need .info or .club!  I ONLY wanted .com and .net and .org. The End. The rest are just fluff ... I do believe designed to sell me FAR more than needed, using my inexperience and fear against me. Not cool.  Not ethical, even if it is American Capitalism 101. Didn't your profs ever teach you that all "-ism's" are the road to disasters??  LOLOL Let's get this fixed up. I'm using WIX to make my site now,  but I still need godaddy for thigns, right?  Well, all except unnecessary domains, 'smart' lines and where are my free emails (PLURAL) ...??? HELP! I'll call on Monday. 

Hi @TerryLicia,

I hope by now you've called our Customer Support team to help to clarify all of the questions that you have connected with your domains in your account. Once you're in your account, you should be able to see if Smartline has been activated or not. If it's not listed, then it hasn't been activated. If you're still not sure, make sure to make the call to get clarification and help. Take care!


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