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Renewal prices keep going up

Hi, Im with GD from 2011 and I regreat I belived them and wasted money for such a poor service and smart, non fair and no professional strategy. Never again. Every year they put extremely price up and manipulating with "discount", but the prices is still very expensive than first year. This year they cheating/blackmailing again, but they want more than double. They know its too late to change provider of hosting. Next year they will try blackmail for a milion usd? 🙂 Im tired of such a stealing money strategy and I wont support this kind of blackmailing "business" anymore. They are not worthy at all. Better to open new webside somewhere else. What is your experience with renewals and how did you manage? What do you recommend? Any other provider you can recommend?

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I'm with you on the introductory pricing trap @SM666 I have the same issue with cable, internet, phone and other companies but I don't actually have that issue with GoDaddy in that same way. 


What I find is that with GoDaddy is that the introductory price AND the renewal price is clearly displayed during checkout. I don't often get what the cost will be at next billing cycle with any other company to my experience. Now don't get me wrong introductory pricing sucks as a sales technique, I just happen to find GoDaddy more transparent than most. 


Typically what I do is opt for multiple years (often the introductory price can be extended for three or four years). I find that after that I'll need new hosting anyway so it's not a bother to move. Additionally keep a eye out for GoDaddy coupons and renew with a coupon. If your hosting expires November 2019 and you get a coupon before that often you can still use the coupon and renew your hosting to November 2020 at the discounted rate. The last thing is probably the most important. Check your GoDaddy account and ensure that the email on file is your email and you get notices from GoDaddy. Stay on top of renewals so that a auto-renew doesn't hit your account and surprise you. 


I personally turn auto-renew off as I prefer to control when I'm charged and when I pay. I feel your frustration, I've been there. I hope something I offered helps? 


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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Hi @SM666.


We're sorry to hear that you are not happy with our service. If you first purchased your hosting plan on an introductory special, the offer will advise you that the regular price will be charged upon renewal. You can also check to be sure the "Communications" setting in your Account Profile is set to receive our regular offers, discounts and promotions to apply against both renewals and new purchases. 



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