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Requesting a refund when there is no customer support

So has just renewed a domain for 2 years and charged me 100euros for it.

The domain is .co, it charged me 40e per year PLUS 20e fee. I will not be using the doman at all since I dont need It, and I cant splash 100e now just for a domain.


My fault is that I didnt turn the auto renew off, but I did purchase this domain 2 years ago, so its an honest mistake.


Now by their legal agreements I can request a refund within the 5 days of renew. I am trying to do it now, but there is not customer support for Croatia.


All I can is call some international numbers and that is what I do not want to do because of the cost.


So now the situation is that GoDaddy has no customer support for my country, and I cant contact anyone anywhere for a refund.


I have contacted paypal and they have halted the transaction until it is resolved, but It would be nice to have someone from GoDaddy advising on the situation so it can be dealt with.





p.s. please dont try to help by pasting a link with GoDaddy telephone numbers - that doesnt help me.


EDIT: After a lot of googling, I see that GoDaddy has extremely limited customer support, so unless It creates Ticket opening like the rest of the Internet domain providers, I will most definitely move all of my domains to another host.

Getting Started

Best thing you can do is run don't walk away from Godaddy they are losing so fast they can't keep up and are losing staff as well. Godaddy is no longer a industry leader. Ads on TV don't make then great. If only they spent the money on service instead of ads.

Community Manager

Hi @AntonioS82. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 

Sorry you're having difficulty getting through to our support team. Another avenue you can try is reaching out on Twitter or Facebook. Support may be able to review your situation there and try to assist if possible. Hope that helps. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.