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Sales call out of control!

I haven't purchased a domain in while.  Just purchased one and I have been inundated by phone calls and emails.  Completely out of control.  Its disrupting my business as the phone wont stop.  I purchased 100's of domains through GoDaddy over the years and never had this problem.


Beware all...don't by a new domain unless you are ready for immediate harassment.  


Has anyone figured out how to make it stop?  Any privacy settings to enable after the fact?  Never purchased domain privacy so not sure why I would have to do anything differently now.


Think I am officially done buying domains through GoDaddy until they figure out a solution, whether its their fault or not.  Maybe just make privacy option included in purchase...if that would even prevent it.  This is ringing again!!

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What you are describing is exactly why new domain listing standards are being looked at and implemented @grainer. Recent changes probably are also driving companies to be more aggressive in their approach? 


I wish there was a tip I could give you but the only thing I can think of is phone number. In my phone system I have a number that goes to voicemail and I list that on my domains. It really bothers me that this is causing a issue with your business. I hope that helps? 


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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This is likely a terrific way for GoDaddy to make even more money selling a privacy option. I won't be working with GoDaddy in future. I, too, am drowning in unwanted calls. Outrageous. 

I just signed up for web hosting and am also being swamped with calls, emails and text messages for help setting up my new website.  This is enough to make me want to change to a different company.  Any suggestions for how to stop this?


Similar issue!! GoDaddy Customer for almost 20 years ... several accounts ... bought countless domains over the years ... never had ANY problems ... actually referred business to GoDaddy on multiple occasions due to it's great customer service (in the past)!


Let me add, for some of those domains in the past I did purchase "privacy" - however, for most I did not. And NOT ONCE in almost 20 years I a got a unwanted sales phone call. (again, this seem to be in the past)


However, I bought several more domains just last week AND THE NIGHTMARE BEGAN! I'm having in the meantime an average of 25 calls/text/emails per day and it seems they get more daily!! To top it off, most of those guys (from India) are even rude! Told several of them literally to !@#$ OFF, but don't care nor listen. I hang up on several, they call back. I do block the numbers, they call back from a different one!


I spoke with GoDaddy customer service today and gave the guy an earful. All I got was of course only lame excuses ... and that it is not their fault ... blablabla. And of course I was up-sold to set all my domains private. (as I'm of course desperate for those ridiculous solicitors to stop)


Did the calls stop - of course not! So far I had another 8 calls within 3 hours after setting the domains private. Calling back GoDaddy - the guys comment was "those are probably from the past 5 days prior to you setting the domain to private". (Thanks for telling me that, after I set them all private and paid for it!)


Hey consumer or fellow existing customer - if you are planning on buying a domain - and you want to keep peace in your life/business - do yourself a favor ... and either go somewhere else then to GoDaddy ... or make sure you buy the privacy the same day you buy the domain ... and then good luck to you!


GoDaddy - if you have financial problems, that's fine - it's happens to the best of us. And if you are looking for a way to increase your revenue, I do understand that too, it's business. But for god's sake ... why do you have to do it in such a dirty way ... at the expense of you loyal customers???


Definitely beyond disappointed with GoDaddy!!


In my businesses - excellent customer service and great relationships  - are key! But I guess GoDaddy changed to a different business concept! SAD ... VERY SAD!