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Why doesn't billing email from GoDaddy include domain name referenced?

Good Morning,


I've been a GoDaddy customer for a number of years with about a half dozen domains and am getting ready to leave over this. 


Every email I get from GoDaddy fails to mention the domain it's talking about. 

"Your email is about to be renewed!" - Which email?  I cannot budget my GoDaddy expenses. The money just leaves my bank account often by surprise.

I once tried to build a spreadsheet of monthly GoDaddy expenses and after a long exasperating call with support which ended in the all-too-common "That's the way it is because that's the way it is" support mantra, I got nowhere.  He tried to point me to an obscure cvs file which certainly wasn't designed for customers and was of no use.  Very frustrating for both of us.


GoDaddy's contact us page has no email address. You can only call support and as shown above, that was no help.  This forum is the only way to get help it seems.


It is incumbent on any vendor to provide adequate financials to their customers.  I've been a developer and software project manager (with budgets to 8 figures) for many years and find this Internet habit of hiding data and communication from the customers egregious.


Instead of this, why can't GoDaddy set an example of good business practice and send a monthly statement or a link to my financial history? Take a look at American Musical Supply who does an excellent job of this for their customers.


Or at least when you tell me you're going to take money from my account, tell me in the email which domain is referred to.


Perhaps there is someone in the community that can help?



Randy Perretta


Re: Why doesn't billing email from GoDaddy include domain name referenced?

@rperretta You can view and download all your renewals and subscriptions here: Order history is also included.


Re: Why doesn't billing email from GoDaddy include domain name referenced?/?isc=gdcommment

Thanks very much for your reply,

I do appreciate it. Unfortunately, this still doesn't suffice for
budgeting purposes.  There are no amounts listed.  You can click to
manually renew for each one (just don't click to actually spend) and
it'll give you the price but that's a workaround at best.  It's got
everything else that I was looking for - service, domain the service
applies to and auto-renew date. Since it does have the dates, I guess I
could go back through my bank records and see how much I've been
spending on those dates.  So in that sense, we can consider the problem
solved and I do.

But really, has anyone heard of a vendor who refused to tell you how
much you were spending for what (including domain in the case of a
hosting company)  and when it will be spent?   Given other self-imposed
efforts by GoDaddy to isolate themselves from the customer, I'm thinking
this may be policy driven.

As I said, I've been deep into this in my career from CTO to Vice
President and on through developer and Project Manager in this
business.  This sort of thing never would have gotten as far as the
functional requirements stage on my watch.

Again, thanks,

Randy Perretta