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Why is it impossible to contact GoDaddy corporate offices to complain about poor customer service?

I am a website designer and marketing person who has, regrettably, referred probably a dozen of my clients to GoDaddy over the last 10 years. About 10 years ago. GoDaddy was responsive and seemed to somewhat care about customer satisfaction. Now, with millions of customers, GoDaddy seems to have exerted all its resources to finding ways to say "no" to customers and to not care about whether they are even keeping up with industry standards with their servers. I wish to file an official complaint, to let corporate know that people are not happy with GoDaddy's quite terrible company support, but, of course, there is no way to reach them, adding credence to the belief that GoDaddy is now simply too big to care. Has anyone actually ever reached GoDaddy corporate and been in touch with someone in upper management within the corporate offices to file a complaint? Yes, I used the word COMPLAINT, and, I noticed that there is no "Complaint Department," of course. Thank you.


I'm having the same problem. I upgraded my website because of a GoDaddy sales call to add a calendar. The salesman told me that I could do that with the upgrade. He NEVER said that GoDaddy would delete my website after 30 days and I would be starting from scratch. I never authorized that! And they will not reinstall my webpage without charging me for their premium service!!! I held today 3 times for about 20 minutes each time to no avail about fixing the problem. I tried to call Scott Wagner, President, and they will not put the call through to him or anyone in their executive offices.

Hi @Vickie,


Sorry to hear about your experience. It sounds like your situation is account specific and Community is not a support forum. If you were misinformed i'd recommend reaching out to live support and requesting a supervisor. 



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