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payment issue

I purchased an SSL certeficate with an amount of 52.49$ for 1 year through link , also by paypal , neither godaddy nor paypal sent me an invoice of the transaction , although I have recieved SMS from my bank that I have been charged that amount of money ! the other problem is that I have been charged twice of the same amount ! Meaning I had two SMS from my bank that my credit card chrged 52.49$ / that means I have been charged 104.98$ ! Over all that Godaddy put a notice : PAYMENT FAILED !!! Really !!

I asked Paypal about that issue but I'm waiting for the answer , and asked they told me ask Godaddy .. I'm really confused and depressed , anyone can help ? Thank you ..


Hi @ihaluhvt,


I'm sorry to hear you've been having billing issues. This wouldn't be something that other Community members can assist with as it is account specific. You will need to contact our billing department for assistance. Thank you.


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