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Best Domain Valuation & Website Traffic Tools?

What websites does everyone use for evaluating the valuation of a domain name? I'm looking for a good tool that analyzes web traffic in addition to the domain name. Sites that provide statistical data are really useful. I'm currently using Google Web Analytics for my website and it does a great job of on page analytics but its doesn't cover valuations or traffic value. Does anyone have any good suggestions for me to look into? Thanks a lot for your replies!


Re: Best Domain Valuation & Website Traffic Tools?

Hey BenjaminO,

How's it going, from my experience I have noticed there is NO automated tool that can valuate the domain market like an experienced domainer. All of those tools need to be used for reference because they have no way to truly analyze potential ROI's, and metrics such as Content Valuation.
A very important tip is that when buying a domain you need to ensure the domain is clean like you were buying a car look at the history, look at the content, the niche, and if it is index'd on google after all if no one can see your links.. where are they :P.

Now onto really answering your question, there is a collection of free and paid tools that I do use, they pull a lot of similar information from alexa and google, however a lot of them from different time frames.
- Ahrefs : is a great all around tool for analyzing keywords , ranking, cpc valuations etc
- DomainIndex : Another great all around tool, the valuation tool her is not to be taken literly because most domains are worth nothing, it is really looking at the keywords used in the domains vs search relevance for instance will be worth 0 but will be a high value domain, this also checks the alexa records historically they don't pull live data so its a good look at how the domain looked before it expired *expired domains tip
- mongools : this is a cheaper tool than Ahrefs and I have to say very similar in quality but Ahrefs just has more quality features.

- whois : self explanatory
- wayback machine : historical site lookup
- mxtoolbox : dns, dkim ,mx checker 
- statshow : similar to domain index, it gives valuations based on historically traffic x cpc so do not take this with any weight on their numbers, look at the other stats, like the index'd pages, historical traffic, alexa rankings etc.

There are definitely a few that I missed but I hope this sets you on the right direction Cheers!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Best Domain Valuation & Website Traffic Tools?

Great post @FeatherBTC! Sounds like you're super experienced and have a wealth of information. Hope to see you around the Community more in the future. Take care and Happy Holidays!