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Domain Parking activity

Hello All,


Just a quick question - I currently have around 56 domains parked in GoDaddy which in the last month have in total only had only click - an income of $0,05 is this normal?

Activity wise in the first few days I was getting lots of impressions but now a total of around 3 per day.


I have Domains spread and grouped in many key areas.


Anyone can advise on this as on the face of it I cant see the attraction?


Re: Domain Parking activity

I was here to ask the very same question. Let's wait for an answer...

Re: Domain Parking activity

Hi @PollyBerlow,


Welcome to the Community!

As our Community volunteers are not able to look at your cashparking accounts, your best options for questions on your earnings will be to go directly to that team. Please contact and they can help you with account-specific questions. 



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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