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Domain Transfer - Made things complicated

Whats going on?  I want to bring my domains to you and then get premium DNS etc etc.


I have auth codes but I can't simply use them because it seems to require some kind of email to be sent...


BUT the email won't arrive.  We had one email address and the email wasn't arriving 24 hours later.  I changed to my direct email address and the emails are still not arriving.


I don't have 22minutes to wait on the phone while you help me get my business online...I have other things to do in 22minutes.  I also can't chat with you because Chat is Offline. 


This started well with a simple setup, a good product offering but rapidly has gone downhill.


+1 on this. I've got an error with my transfer and there is no ability for me to log a ticket and go do something else, I have to sit on hold for 45 minutes. Smiley Sad