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Domains lost during transfer

Since GoDaddy's live support chat is never online (Funny how sales seems to be online 24/7) I am posting here to see if anyone has experienced the same issues I am facing after transferring a number of domains to GoDaddy. 


Around 4 weeks ago I started migrating my domains over to GoDaddy from Heart Internet, cost reductions mainly. However have had problems with two domain transfers. Both of these domains are and use a nominet tag.


The first domain ( sucessfully changed its tag to GODADDY within a few hours but 4 weeks later I am still waiting, contacted support via live chat after two weeks, was told everything was fine and it just takes time... Since the domain has already left Heart Internet I have no access to this domain via either provider, I am then unable to change the nameservers from Heart Internets I have to continue to pay for hosting with them until I can change them to GoDaddy's. 


The second domain ( has yet to change its tag to GODADDY after 4 weeks, after a number of emails to Heart Internet the response I received was "There is a push transfer pending confirmation. Godaddy need to confirm the transfer then the tag will be changed."


If anyone has any input on this I would appreciate it. I manage these domains for clients, they are aware of the migration but I am currently stringing them along at no fault of my own. 





Re: Domains lost during transfer

Hey @moley001,


First let me say welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you've ran into with completing these transfers.


Generally, no one here has access to account details to review what is specifically preventing the transfers from being completed, but I did notice a ticket was sent up in regard to these two names. Judging from a public lookup, seems one of the domains was successfully moved over already. You should be receiving an update on the other as soon as they've had a chance to review and correct what is holding it up.


Keep an eye out for that update as it should be going out soon. 


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