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Email address associate with domain incorrect



I had (should still have) a domain with GoDaddy - and I wanted to do a domain transfer over to a hosting company called but unfortunately, the email address associated with the domain was incorrect and was closed many moons ago so I couldn't accept the final ticket.


To proceed the new hosting company said they would cancel the transfer and I could go back to GoDaddy to change the details BUT now GoDaddy don't have the domain on their database anymore and they say I need to contact 1API Gmbh. 


Which I did but then they referred me back to GoDaddy and said I should request that they reinstate the domain into their database with the software/company Hexonet. BUT unfortunately, no one at GoDaddy support knows what I'm on about. And I am so stuck and don't know what to do?! 


I've been in touch with 1API GmbH, the ZAR Registry and my 'new' host provider and they ALL say GoDaddy should be able to assist me BUT sadly after several unsuccessful calls I haven't got anywhere and now my emails and website have been down for almost 2 WEEKS! 


1API Gmbh confirmed that the whois records are incorrect and should be amended by GoDaddy 😕


PLEASE, pretty please does anyone have any advice for me. Seriously at my wit's end here!







Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Email address associate with domain incorrect

Hi @sarahpryke_2018. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 


Sorry to hear you're having a difficult time with this. From what I can see, the domain is currently registered with GoDaddy. It seems possible that the work you've been doing with support has paid off and the issue has been resolved on our end. If you did resolve the issue, please consider following up here with the steps you took to do so. Others may benefit from what you've experienced. 


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