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Expired domain purchase.

Thanks for stopping by.


This happened almost a week ago when I found a domain that has expired (still is) and godaddy pointed it out in red as in "auction", I believe.

See what happened is that I've payed, according to the order receipt, for an "Expiry Domain Name Purchase", ".COM Domain Transfer" and "Private Domain Transfer" but I got nothing in exchange yet.


Am I missing something here? I thought I'd have to wait for a while before it gets transferred to me but it's not happening; it still isn't under "My Domains".


Looking forward to reading your replies,


Former Employee

Re: Expired domain purchase.

Hello @marioada and welcome to the community! A domain won as an expired listing will not immediately appear in your account like a new domain. It can take up to 14 days for the domain to be moved over and be ready for use. You will receive an email when the domain is available in your account.



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Re: Expired domain purchase.

Oh ok, I guess I missed that part, sorry for your wasting you time and thanks for your help.


Re: Expired domain purchase.

Why does it take 14 day period. Can the previous owner re-register it?


Re: Expired domain purchase.

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