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GoDaddy- A Domain Transfer (out)

Its about the transferring of a domain to another registrar.

The auth. code is entered at the other registrar.


I click the domain name (that is now 'labeled' 'Pending Transfer') in my GoDaddy-account,

I then click the link 'View details' on the line that says:

'Pending transfer out. Transfer is in progress. View details.'


I get this message:


'Transfer status:

Pending transfer-in.


Recommended action:

We're verifying your domain information. Please check back in a few minutes.'



It has been like that for while now.

Any ideas?


Thank you,



Re: GoDaddy- A Domain Transfer (out)

Greetings, @northlines ,


Thanks for sharing. It is a bit puzzling. We're not a support forum and I can't see your account, but here is a guess. Did you originally transfer the domain into the account (vs. purchasing it in the account)? It may be an artifact from a prior transfer in or incomplete attempt.


I would suggest this. If you are ready to transfer away and the code has been given, you may be able to confirm the transfer now, rather than wait 5 days. See the "accept" portion of the following:

Once it's transferred out, see if that artifact disappears. If you have a minute, please let us know so others may benefit. This information is also combed for any future customer and interface improvements.


--Oh, and thanks for keeping it with us while it was here!


Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: GoDaddy- A Domain Transfer (out)

Thanks T-3D.
It worked!