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Transfer hosting and website builder?



I recently took over a company. One of the deals in the contract was the website involved. 

We transferred over the ownership of the domain (from their godaddy account to mine) without any problems.


However the website builder and the hosting doesn't seem to have transferred? The website is still up, but I have no way to access it.


Do they need to cancel it or is there something I have missed?


Re: Transfer hosting and website builder?

Hi @peopee,


When doing a change of account for a domain, it will only move the domain. In order to move the website there is two ways to do this. First step would be to contact the 24/7 support. For both ways we would need you to be able to validate into both accounts.


The first way to do this is if the previous owner has nothing else in his account, you can do an account merge and it will bring everything into one account. 


The other way to do this is once you validate into the original account you can cancel the Website Builder, repurchase the same plan in the new account and you would have to pay a restore fee.


Either way you decide to go, make sure you are on the phone with a representative before you make any changes to the account. I've included a link to our 24/7 support to find your local number.


Take care,




Re: Transfer hosting and website builder?

My experience today was not that. 


I inquired as you said, the representative said domain+website builder would be xferred to a new new Godaddy account. Domain did... WebBuilder didn't.

Second rep said wait longer.

   6 hours later, called a 3rd time.
This is not feasible, but one would think possible, for Godaddy to do easily.

Very disappointed that a provider like them can't accommodate a simple account change to a service.







Re: Transfer hosting and website builder?

I had a similar experience, was told I would be able to transfer everything to do with a domain to another godaddy account, than was told no you can't do this after I transferred the domain, was than told it wasn't possible to transfer the website builder, and the new account would have to repay to get the webbuilder. 

Re: Transfer hosting and website builder?

Yep, and than instead of buying at the price you were for the Web Designer, anytime you get to checkout, it will throw in a bundle! That way you have to pay $30 F*cking bucks to get back to what you thought you had. Not to mention you have to carefully check your cart because these thieving jerks at GoDaddy will randomly throw Sh*t in there. GoDaddy truly is the WORST at domain hosting, web building, and customer service. Next tim, use or Go straight through Wordpress (NOT through Godaddy’s Wordpress) Godaddy will help you and encourage you to purchase wordpress items and than once you’re all sold and they’ve gotten as much cash as they can, they DONT allow a web transfer! Screw GoDaddy! Worst service i’ve ever recieved from ANYBODY. I will literally work to spread the news about how sh*t these people and their service is