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Can you guarantee that your hosting is secure?

I hope to get some help here, because I can't find an answer to my question.

The website of my man and van company got hit by some kind of DDOS attack. I'm not sure what that means ( this what I have been told by support) but the website was inaccessible for over 10 days. As a result I have lost a lot of money.


Anyway, I was advised to add CloudFlare to make the hosting more secure and I did it, but my decision is to move to GoDaddy hosting, because it is one of the biggest online companies out there.

So my question is very simple - can you give me 100% guarantee that my site will be secure on GoDaddy hosting? I mean can you prevent DDOS attacks like the one that hit my site?


Hi @alexandrabbb


Thank you for your post. Unfortunately , a 100% guarantee will be almost impossible to find as even with the highest levels of security and on point monitoring, any server may become susceptible to DDOS and brute force attacks. 


With that said, we do take many precautions to secure our servers to prevent this from happening. However, there is a difference between a server compromise and a website compromise. Although a server itself may be fully protected from attacks, the website on that server may be susceptible. It is highly important to secure the website content itself, as plugins, themes and other add-ons installed on the website may open gateways into your website to be exploited. 


For website security we offer different ways to help secure your website and information processed through your website.  


SSL certificates will help secure and encrypt information that is passed through your website. In example: Login information, user profile information, information submitted via contact forms and payment information process through a payment gateway.


Premium Website Security powered by Sucuri will help protect your site against malware and compromises. The program will also scan your website content and look for vulnerabilities as well as create backups of your website automatically in case anything were to happen.


Hope this information is helpful!






Hi TechFly and thanks for your quick answer.


So can you tell me what options to choose to make the hosting more secure. Should I use SSL certificates or Premium Website Security or both?

Hi @alexandrabbb


Thank you for the response. That really depends on what benefits you would like. The SSL is required if you plan to take payments on the website, and is also a trusted touch if you use contact forms on the site. 

SSL's will also give you better ranking on Google as they are almost making it a requirement for a site to have them nowadays to be found on their engine. 


Site protection is great if you want to really secure your website from attacks, malware and hacking. But I see it like this. Just like a antivirus on a computer, it will help and it's better to have it than not. But no system is fool proof and best practice is to at minimum make backups of your website monthly. However, having the added feature has alot of benefits for the site and ease of mind. The trust shield is a nice touch as well 🙂


Best Wishes!