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Moving Website Including Emails?

Hi there, This one's a biggie.

I want to move a domain from 1&1 to GoDaddy, The current package is website, emails and domain. I want to make the website from scratch using GoDaddy's hosting at 1&1's is so limited. My problem is emails.

There is 1 email address, and it's a primary contact for the business.. We are planning for a week site downtime, and I can get a new email running again with the same address... My problem is, how do I get ALL previous email to new hosting?

Lexie Liebhart
Helper III
Helper III

Re: Moving Website Including Emails?

I've heard of 1&1 largely due to their cheap SSL's. As you pointed out though, cheap plans often come with an untold price, that more than often being hosting resources & server security.


You'll need to backup your 1&1 emails to a zipped file. I hope it's okay linking to their fine site, but you can visit their help article on how to do that. Their article says it'll be in the form of an Outlook .pst file.


Now here's an even finer help article on how to import that 1&1 .pst file into your new GoDaddy hosting account: Importing Email Accounts/Forwarders into cPanel


Keep in mind some of the previous settings you had may be incompatible with GoDaddy's layout. However, the HTML at least should remain. Also, it's worth mentioning you can simply copy / paste or forward those emails to another email account instead of going through all that hassle.


Let me know if you have any further issues. Good luck.

How to Migrate From Another Host To Goddaddy

Hi All


I am trying to migrate my domain from another host to godaddy.  I have contacted my developer to give me all the files.  He is yet to do so, but says he wont be liable for any error that may occur during the migration.  


What is the process of migrating? Does Godaddy charge a fee for this service?  How easy is it to migrate? Please help.




Transferring Files

I just signed up with GoDaddy for our office. I was wondering if files/folders in email from Bluehost could be automatically transferred to GoDaddy?