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Remote Database Access Limitation

Hi guys,


I have several questions to clarify. I have java standalone application. because of several reasons I have to deploy it in several places. But all instances should connect to same database. So then I decided to use hosted database with remote database connection(is there any other options?). But I want to know is there any limitations for remote databases in godaddy. Some providers limit the number of queries per hour for remote databases.(as example 500 queries per hour). So what i want to know is, Is there such limitations in godaddy ?

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Re: Remote Database Access Limitation

Hi @tharinduMalinda,


The limitations are those of the server and package you choose. For example, if you are on a small shared hosting economy plan more than likely you won't get the performance you would like. One of the considerations in this case is not only making the query but what happens during the query and the return to the application. Minimal shared hosting is not really intended for high intensity database activities. At any hosting company, not only GoDaddy, is not whether or not it can be done but rather which platform best suit your needs.

If I were going to try any of the packages from the lower to mid tier level it would be the business enterprise package where you get four gig of memory and higher database resources. Have you done anything yet to analyze the server load that your application is requiring in addition to just the number of connections?

Hope this helps,

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