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Users unable to upload docx files from form

The last thread on this problem was 7 months old and had no recent replies, so I thought I'd give it a shot in a new thread.

We have a form on our page that will not allow users to submit docx files. They get a 'server was reset' error message. This form was used formerly in Joomla and now on Wordpress. Same issue under either platform. Graphics files, doc and pdf all work fine. Really causing headaches for both myself and the submitter.

Is there any solution for this?

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Hi @Sov_Sage,


you ask for a solution, change the file format. It is easy to convert them.


Further info:



The problem is not converting the files, it's users not being able to upload as docx. I have a disclaimer on the form right now that says it will only accept doc files, but as docx is pretty much the standard Word extension now, I feel it is an unnecessary step to have every submitter have to convert a file before they upload it. A few years ago, the docx files would upload, now they don't. My question is if this is just the way it is on GoDaddy or if there is a solution to allow submitters to attach docx.

Did you figure this out yet? I have the same problem and I think I stumbled on the same 7 month thread you had.

Tested and works fine with .doc and .pdf. However, the .docx files will not attach to forms for some reason. Tested this on a different host with same wordpress install and same contact form, which worked fine. Is there a fix for this on GoDaddy? Would like to keep my client's site hosted here. The site is using the GoDaddy Wordpress hosting.


I'm new to godaddy hosting and have uploaded my site through cpanel. the application should allow for file and image uploads by my users. but while testing, i get an error saying the uploads folder does not have appropriate permissions. On cpanel, i have granted all permissions but i still get the same errors. 

Has anybody else faced this problems or is there something i'm not doing right?

My application consists pf a php API built using slim framework and a frontend built using Angular 4 and everything worked perfectly while testing on my local machine.

Any help will be greatly appreciated


I'm in the same boat. My clients send me .doc and .docx forms. I'm following to see if anyone comes up with a solution.


Hi - I have been having the same problem using Contact Form 7 on a Managed WordPress site at GoDaddy. I just spoke to support and was told that because I am on a shared server the docx files are blocked. 

To correct the issue I was told I would need to switch to a Virtual Private Server at a minimum of $29/mo. But then I would need to be my own server admin.

No real explanation on why they single out docx. I wanted to use this so clients could attach resumes.