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Using Python on GoDaddy Server

I have a website running on the GoDaddy servers using shared hosting.  I put a test Python script into my cgi-bin folder.  I raised the permissions on the file to 755 as some online sources instructed.   I tried testing it by typing in [domain name]/cgi-bin/ and all I get is a 404 Error.  I contact customer service.  They created a test file in my public file.  I tried accessing that the same way, and all it does is show me the code in the browser like:


print 'Content-type: text/html\r\n'
print '<p>This is a test file</p>'

If I can just a simple test file to run, I can handle the rest myself, but I cannot seem to find anyone who knows how to do this.  I have tried every approach discussed in every article and none of them seem to actually "work".  Any help would be appreciated.