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Which Hosting Product?

Hi, my site is a combination of Javascript/Angular front end, and Java/Spring Boot back end. I am looking at the various Windows hosting options. I don't know whether I will be able to install and set everything up through a "control panel" type-interface. Ideally I can just remote desktop into my windows host server, install everything I need (node, java, etc.) and start up the site. To have that kind of direct access to the OS do I need a VPS? Or do the regular Windows hosting plans offer this kind of access? Thanks


Re: Which Hosting Product?

That is a good question! The shared Plesk/Windows hosting plans do not provide you remote desktop access. It sounds to me like you probably need a small VPS server/hosting plan. This will give you that access to the server root and will require you to manage the server yourself unless you purchase services to have Godaddy manage it.