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Advocate I

Your service is terrible, GoDaddy! >:-(

I am quite surprised that my only means of contacting support is on a public forum, but if that is how you guys want it then, OK.  I tried chatting with somebody yesterday but each time I clicked the link and started to supply my customer number the window would blank out and say that nobody was available to chat.  There seems to be no way to open an actual support ticket, so way to suck some more, GoDaddy.


I have hosted my domain and email with you guys for years.  Over that time I have had more and more problems with you.  Most recently you deleted my family's email accounts because your auto renew failed.  I got an email several weeks ago saying that I had an product that was expiring, but when I logged in everything was up to date and there was nothing for me to renew.  Then my email quit working this week and when I logged in I no longer had any email accounts.  Well done, guys!  😠


So despite my better judgement I forked over another $150 for three email accounts (highway robbery).  I don't have time right now to go to somebody like DigitalOcean and stand up my own server (but based on my experience that is very likely going to happen in the near future) and the other mail providers seem to charge as much as GoDaddy, but don't currently manage my domain.  Oh, and by the way, I used my stored credit card, the default payment for my account, to give you this money... the same card that should have been charged to renew my existing service.


I got an Office365 "product" in my account (my previous email was a "workspace mail" account).  Fine, whatever, I'm not going to use the web interface anyway so I don't care where you actually host it.  I went to configure my "new" email accounts and, oh, wait, I can't.  My private domain is already set up on Office365 and I have to login and delete it.  What?  Maybe Workspace email is also on O365?  I don't know, nor do I care, I just want your crappy service to work.


Well, since I DON'T HAVE AN OFFICE365 LOGIN I can't freaking login and delete my account, per GoDaddy's instructions.  So now GoDaddy has stolen $150 from me, I still have no email for my family (which is a GIANT pain in the ass), and I am FAR from happy.  I realize that I am just a guy, and you are a giant corporation who has my money and there is nothing that I can do about it, but I am furious about this whole situation and will do everything in my power to ensure that NOBODY I know uses GoDaddy.  Again, I'm sure you don't care, but at least I've gotten that off my chest and perhaps some other poor unsuspecting soul will read this before you bilk them out of their hard-earned money as well.




Community Team
Community Team

Hello @brent256, I'm really sorry to hear about your frustrations with these email, billing, and support experiences.  There are multiple issues here that will need to be addressed with our support teams, and we will be happy to work with you to get everything sorted out.  


The best option to help you get these issues & concerns addressed would be to call one of our phone support numbers and speak to a live representative that way.  You can see a full list of our available support numbers here:

If that is not an option for you for whatever reason, then you would need to use the live chat as an alternative. 

Since you've had trouble accessing the chat in the past, my recommendation would be to try using a different browser to start a chat session.  If there is a message stating that all the chat agents are busy, you can leave that screen up & running and when a spot in the queue opens up, you'll be able to choose the chat option.  

Once you're connected to a chat agent, they will be able to review your billing history, current product status, and let you know your options moving forward.  


Thank you.



I do appreciate the reply, and will attempt the chat again as soon as I can.  An actual support ticket would be ideal as I could handle that with you asynchronously while I am busy performing my own job. I spend most of the day on the phone in that capacity, which is why the phone route isn't feasible for me; chat is slightly less inconvenient.  Let's hope it works next time.



I had a similar experience as Brent.  All the claims about amazing customer support go out the window if you actually need to use it.

GoDaddy used to have a good product, but obvious cost-cutting measures have turned it into a pretty **bleep**ty product now.

How do I speak with a manager, URGENTLY??? I was told by a supervisor that my content will not be deleted until June 20 and when I tried to pay last week I couldn't find where to pay. I called yesterday only to be told my entire 8 years worth of work for my website which cost a hell of a lot of money has already been deleted???? I'm am FURIOUS to say the least.
A manager was supposed to call me back yesterday and of course I got no call!
I want to speak with someone urgently or I need to get in touch with Trupali one of the chat supervisors who assured me I had until June 20. This is SERIOUS and I want a resolution now.

I agree with you. I have had my web page suspended and i had no idea why. After spending 2 frigging days trying to get hold of Hostgator, i'm told the problem is with Go Daddy. Well it is just impossible to make contact with them. It is frustrating to see the amount of hours spent on speaking to a answering service with multiple questions of which none of them in my case is useful. I never got no notification of payment date nor even how much. I do realize i have no idea about web sites domain names etc, was set up by a professional and then handed over to me. Well if it is so much pain and frustration trying to make contact with Go Daddy then i am sorry for anyone in my position. I even tried canceling my account but again finding it difficult. Been into account management but still see no options. 
Really peed off. Not user friendly at all, maybe for professionals yes, man in the street a night mare.
You think i can find out how much to pay and how to pay, can not.


Brent, Glad that I've come across your feedback on your experience.  First I was frustrated trying to find a contact channel other than calling or checking the forum. I am glad I found you on the Forum.  I was 5 minutes from signing up  with Domain / Hosting  etc.... You've changed my mind. I just don't want to go through the same pain.  I have to find another place to spend my money at. Sorry Godaddy!


Totally agree, I don't understand how they call it an award winning customer support. Their tele-customer support are only sales agents, they don't know technical solutions. 

Getting Started


I too agree with all.  We registered domains with godaddy.  Constantly we get threatening emails of domain expiring.  Secondly, chat is permanently offline in this part of the world, which means communication can be done only through phone call, which takes more than 30 minutes hold every time to solve simple queries. 

Last week, our domain of .nl extension was hidden and threatening emails being received though we had more than 30 days for renewal.  when I confronted the call centre ( it took more than 2 hrs to get it solved), she said our domain renewal will be charged extra since we are supposed to renew 60 days before.  This means we get only 10 months of renewal and not 12 months with godaddy?

We checked with other service providers, but no one had such rule of renewal of .nl extension to be renewed before 60 days.  We could communicate with other service providers on chat and got full information and clarification in 10 minutes.

Hope Godaddy improves mode of communication.



Go Daddy's tech support is more interested in selling you something than fixing your problem. They used to have amazing customer support but that is no longer the case. 

Getting Started

Same Here  Go Daddy hosts my website and my microsoft exchange email.  Tonight I called to change the password for the email  on my laptop and my cell phone  they helped me change it in my computer then on hold waiting for cell phone instructions they WIPED CLEAN MY WHOLE CELL PHONE. I GOT A EMAIL THAT SAID "THE REMOTE DEVICE WIPE COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY"   then while I was online with GODADDY the phone went DEAD and when it started up again IT WAS JUST LIKE OUT OF THE BOX.  VERY SCARY THAT THEY HAVE THIS TYPE OF ACCESS TO YOUR PHONE AND COMPUTERS WHEN YOU USE THEM FOR EXCHANGE EMAIL!!!   Lost COMPANY TEXTS PHOTOS VIDEO.

same so bad experience with money refund i charged 48$ for 1 year domain renewal before i contacted chat service and they answered me that there was no other option and prices are changing every year after i asked refund i should wait 72 hours and everything sucks with them so bad experiance

Sounds very similar to MY experience. I've been with GoDaddy since 2005 or so, and their service is steadily declining. Not that it was great to start with, but it was at the time fairly cheap. Now they're getting more and more expensive and the service is getting worse and worse.

Currently shopping for a new hosting provider.

I purchased


I cannot use it without paying more

This is a terrible scam

I thought I could trust GoDaddy






Can't access control panel. This is ridiculous. Got warnings "Your hosting account is approaching or exceeding its resource limits." This plus sluggish / no response from a very simple, basic Wordpress install along with efforts to upsell me. I am going to tell my networks about these horrible problems with GoDaddy if these problems aren't fixed.


Bad customer service. I just tried chat support.

Try it and let me know about your experience with Jonathan.

They're not probably tired before 11 AM right?

I have been with GoDaddy for years, but this may have been my last order (deluxe linux hosting) GoDaddy you don't have e-mail tech support or a ticket system. Your phone support totally blows. Last time I tried to contact someone on the phone I had to wait each time upwards of 30-45 mins for a call back and when I finally got one each and every time it would disconnect. When i finally got to speak to someone it disconnected half way into the conversation and had to start all over again. I am going to your competitor from now on...!

Your tech support SUCKS! I want my money back...!

Not applicable

@bostonmagik wrote:

I have been with GoDaddy for years, but this may have been my last order (deluxe linux hosting) GoDaddy you don't have e-mail tech support or a ticket system. Your phone support totally blows. Last time I tried to contact someone on the phone I had to wait each time upwards of 30-45 mins for a call back and when I finally got one each and every time it would disconnect. When i finally got to speak to someone it disconnected half way into the conversation and had to start all over again. I am going to your competitor from now on...!

Your tech support SUCKS! I want my money back...!

Hello @bostonmagik,


Not a lot of people know this but you can get a support ticket sent on your behalf if you are working with a pro member ( a client of theirs). 

This maybe should be ‘more out there’. 


You should try posting your issues here as there are many who will have found a solution to an issue similar. 


If you want to pursue with a refund though, you will need to contact support and speak to them. Because even if there was a ticket, refunds can’t be applied by email. 


“Don’t work here, even if I am holding a broom........”


The GoDaddy website is one of the most unfriendly sites known to mankind. Try to find a place where I can create a support ticket or request support via e-mail. Can't find it. No 24/7 Live Chat ??? I am moving all my domains from GoDaddy. The service really STINKS !! To me all this is the sign of a company going bust


Since I've used Godaddy services I have had nothing but appalling connection speeds and slow loading of our websites.


I have also experienced a lot of down time for our sites. My sites are running on basic html with low-res images, as basic as you can get.


The PLASK system is just a joke and will not be renewing it. It fails to work on OSX correctly and when using Windows 7 it's very slow and fails miserably. 


I am just sick of ringing in and listening to automated system messages.


Godaddy seem to hide behind the 'we're doing maintenance' on far too many occasions! 


After months of this today finally enough was enough so I had to get my domain pointing to my YouTube channel rather than the website that I spent months developing just so that visitors had something to look at!!


This really is a bloo** insult.

I will no longer be using Godaddy services in the new year. Up yours.


Yrs, Lee.

I know this is an ancient thread, but as a long-time GoDaddy customer, I would like to suggest a couple of takeaways.

First, when am automatic billing/auto-renew attempt fails at GoDaddy, they send you an email telling you so. The subject line says it's for a failed billing or that there is an action required or something similar. They try to Bill the product three times, so the OP received, and apparently ignored, the emails telling them their billing information was no longer usable in an automated way. Another possibility is that they gave GoDaddy a fake email so that GoDaddy could not warm them about such occurrences, but it's just not smart to cut off a vendor from being able to communicate with you if you care about the product.

Second, the most common reason for failed automatic renewal of any product is credit card expiration. So if I were guessing, I'd say that when the user went in to try to fix things themselves, they probably fixed their payment method by updating their expiration date and CVV or by switching to another payment method on file that still worked. Regardless, none of this changes the fact that unless they have GoDaddy a bogus email address (which I think violates GD's terms of service) they got the emails from GD telling them about the billing problem and how to fix it.

Finally, this is not the only way to create a ticket with GoDaddy. In my experience, calling them is the best way to get an issue resolved. If they cannot resolve the issue on the phone they will escalate a ticket. I have seen two times when GoDaddy *developers* were pulled in to help with problems I was having that involved products they developed. This is extraordinary customer service but it wouldn't have happened unless I made sure they understood the issue, and that sometimes takes a phone call so you can say things like "well no, that's not quite my problem" right away, and stuck to the conversation until they "get it."

I'm not a huge customer - I have about 40 domains - so it's not like I have an executive account representative or anything like the big "domainers." This is just my experience with GD and I hope it helps someone else navigate their own issues with less frustration.