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    Bought a wordpress hosting, can't do anything

    Hello 🙂


    I bought (like 1h ago) a « Wordpress hosting ». When they asked my what domain I wanted to use, I selected the one I bought "la-courtepointe.com". I got an e-mail telling me "everything is ready...click on .../wp-admin and connect with this username...".


    When I click on http://la-courtepointe.com/wp-admin, error 404 (I try again and now it says "The domain la-courtepointe.com is no longer parked by GoDaddy.") 


    When I go on my account, I still see under « my domains » la-courtepointe.com and under « managed wordpress websites » la-courtepointe.com . 


    When I try la-courtepointe.com ; error 404. 


    I'm a little bit lost now 😐 

    Thanks 🙂 

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    Re: Bought a wordpress hosting, can't do anything

    The situation has changed...

    I can modify my website with the "temporary domain" but if I change the domain to make the one I want primary, error 404.

    Like this one : http://9c6.bf4.myftpupload.com/ works and shows my website but la-courtepointe.com doesn't work. 


    Re: Bought a wordpress hosting, can't do anything

    Hey @maudamelie,


    I noticed your domain name la-courtepointe.com is pointing to two different IP addresses. One of which doesn't look to be the IP address of the Managed WordPress site your temporary domain is pointing to. You should probably remove the extra IP as this is likely what's causing you to run into issues publishing changes as well as resolving consistently to the same site. 


    Let us know how this works out for you. 



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    Re: Bought a wordpress hosting, can't do anything

    Thank you so much !!! It works now