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    Cant attach domain name to managed wordpress

    Hi. Just joined with GoDaddy. I have made an error i think in relation to trying to design my website and may have duplicated some services potentially.


    I first purchased my domain name, and then first went onto the web hosting plan and purchased it (which is listed as Economy Linux Hosting with CPanel). It then asked if I wanted to install WordPress, which i did want to as to design my website. I then went through the process (including linking my domain) but when it loaded it was a blog version, but I wanted the Website version.


    I then went into CPanel and uninstalled the WordPress Blog version.


    I then purchased the Deluxe Managed WordPress Websites and went through the installation process for Wordpress and now have the website version. However, it has a temporary domain and I cannot add the one that I registered with GoDaddy and the one that was added to the blog version (CPanel) of Wordpress.


    Any help would be appreciated. Not sure if i needed to purchase both the 'Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel' and the 'Delixe Managed WordPress Websites and as such have doubled up on services.

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    Re: Cant attach domain name to managed wordpress

    cPanel and Managed WordPress are both different types of hosting, and a domain can only be associated with one hosting product at a time.  You can change the Primary Domain in cPanel (possibly to something fictitious like old.yourdomain.com) to free it up to be added to Managed WordPress.



    The average WordPress site would only need one or the other.  You can contact support with your user ID & PIN handy to process a refund on the product you're no longer using.