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    Godaddy WordPress Managed 403 File Forbidden Error

    I found out yesterday after speaking with a Godaddy hosting support consultant that Godaddy WordPress managed (Shared) hosting only enables it's users to change only the file permissions for the "wp-content" folders and files to the WordPress Codex suggested WordPress file permissions;- Core files in Godaddy WordPress managed environments can not be changed. I am almost chocked when I found out as I have been using the Godaddy WordPress managed Ultimate package for months before upgrading to the Godaddy WordPress managed Pro (shared hosting) environment because the hosting package offered to good to be true service and product offerings. That said, yesterday I learned that I have a 403_Forbidden Error on not one but, three of my WordPress managed sites (they are all clones). The error exists on a user profile page that is actually an integral required feature I need for my website users to simply upload profile and banner pictures; - my site is an a complex e-commerce site. It is common that all WordPress sites folders (wp-admin/wp-content and wp-includes) should be set to 744 or 755 value and files set to a 644 or 640 value except config.php and .htaacess files which should be set to a 444 value. And, the files and folders are not set to the WordPress Codex suggested values. Infact, Godaddy will make further changes in near future according to the consultant which I assume will create more file permission errors. Okay, apparently WordPress managed may be designed for the novice user aacording to posts found on the Godaddy community, however, it does not state that on the website product landing page. Am I complaining, yes I am indeed, as when I asked an agent today for 1 to 3 month gratuity they told me I should have spoken to a consultant before upgrading to WP Pro. That is cheeky to say the least. And, later another agent offering 25% discount (the best he or she could do apparently (I found 30 and 33% discount codes online (clearly values me as a customer, aye, being that I have spent thousands as a customer. This is mis-selling!

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    Re: Godaddy WordPress Managed 403 File Forbidden Error



    I guess I'm confused by what specifically your issue that you are running into / what you are looking to accomplish..


    I have almost 300 sites on the MWP - the only issue I've run into occasionally is if the wp-content folder gets permissions to restrictive like 700 vs 755 - and a quick update fixes that - I've only had that happen a handful of times


    In regards to users uploading files.... I use a few different forms plugins as well as bbpress and some other plugins that allow for uploads from the "frontend" of the site without issue.


    In regards to the core files of WordPress being locked - that is fairly standard practice on "Managed" Platforms - as the host does that to protect the core on the sites.


    If there is a specific case that isn't working for you please post it here and we can see if we can point you in the right direction.

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    Re: Godaddy WordPress Managed 403 File Forbidden Error

    Thanks for your response, stating you have over 300 WP managed sites logically, holds no weight, however, I can see why you have stated it. I have seen your past responses to other peoples arguments and therefore can see that you understand what I mean. You may have used certain plugins that has helped fix your issue (s) if any and/ or satisfy the completion of your WP project. I have already given reason for my argument and makes logical sense and so I won't state in this comment already said statements. I appreciate that you have given time to respond to post and the information given. Perhaps, one of your points might help (I will look into this now, thanks, all the best):


    the only issue I've run into occasionally is if the wp-content folder gets permissions to restrictive like 700 vs 755 - and a quick update fixes that - I've only had that happen a handful of times


    Re: Godaddy WordPress Managed 403 File Forbidden Error

    Hi there, for those of you who read my previous post and my response to the community comment above this post. I strongly advice you to not blow your trumpet like I did, their really isn't any point in doing so as that will not solve the problem your experiencing. From reading my post it is clear I was annoyed, as I felt I had not been valued as a customer and had been faced with an issue with no clear solution, that at the time was beyond my capacity. I have found the solution to my problem and so I will share my findings as to rectify my complaint and provide you with some advice and guidance that should fix your file permission error(s). The WordPress Codex as mentioned in post above recommends "file permissions" set to 744 or 755 value for all folders (folders such as the wp-admin / wp-content and wp-includes) and all files to be set to 640 or 644 value with the exception of the .htaccess file and, the config.php file which should both be set to 444 value. For all those who blew a trumpet and at this present moment frustrated when you found out that you have a 403_Forbidden error or other 403 error message, like I did and, found Godaddy WordPress managed to be using not the WordPress Codex suggested file permission values, relax and calm down, there is always a solution! Firstly, do some research! The WordPress Codex talks about how hosting companies don't always use the recommended WordPress file permission settings. Secondly, your problem may be down to the security plugin(s) you are using (an iThemes plugin setting I used caused my problem as well as file permission settings to only two of my wp-content folders. That, said I did not delete the iThemes plugin as it is an awesome bit of tech, instead I went through the hardship of changing settings here and there to find the issue;- Role Capability (security) plugins could also be the problem causer [don't play around with role capabilities unless you know what your doing as some badly configured plugins can change the settings for good without an option to reset even if its deactivated]. Right to find the problem plugin, simply deactivate all plugins (maybe just the security plugins first) and check to see if your 403 error still exists and then reactivate each plugin one by one to see if one of those plugins was the problem. Please note: simply deactivating a plugin as many articles suggest to fix 403 file permission errors is not always the answer - you may have to disable the plugin settings you set first (reset settings) before deactivation like I had to do. Thirdly a corrupted .htaccess file might be the issue. To check if the .htaccess file is corrupt, simply back up the file first on you local machine and then delete the file. You will find that a new .htaccess file will populate automatically. Check if you have the 403 file error! A tip, you can use the free "WP File Manager" plugin found in the WordPress Repository to view, edit, download and upload files at the back-end of your WP site as opposed to using FileZilla and if you use FileZilla you might be happy to use Notepad++ instead of basic Notepad, their are many many alternatives out there. If none of the above is the root problem I would use iThemes security or other plugin that provides a list of your sites file permission values and provides file permission value suggestions. The plugin I used was iThemes which suggested 755 values for folders and 444 for config.php - Godaddy uses different values although oddly after writing previous post it seems the core folders are now set at 755 value (that's great guys!). If you still have not found the issue use Google Chrome Developer, click the Network button and then click inspect on problem area (For example I clicked the "inspect" button on the user profile image to upload picture (as I had profile image upload issues) to see what file(s) produced the 403_Forbidden error and found two .php files highlighted in error red which was the problem files. You may have to change the file permission to a 704 value when using Godaddy WP managed. If you still cant find the problem then think about migrating your sites to the Godaddy Business (shared) hosting package (if your a beginner and or want a managed hosting solution) or VPS if you got some technical skills and migrating your sites over because you are free to change any file permission values such as core files as Godaddy WP managed does not allow core files to be changed by users as already mentioned. That's it folks - I hope this helps!!