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An error occurred, if this keeps happening, contact support...

I didn't want to contact actual support, so here I am!

I have the domain Capture.PNG and when i try to redirect it to my main domain, it just gives an error.

Please Help!


Re: An error occured, if this keeps happening, contanct support...

Greetings, @Help-me-please 


That is a general error that sometimes comes up when you repeat an instruction (submit, accept, etc...) Perhaps you're submitting the instruction repeatedly and have not allowed the update or propagation to occur. If you exit and re-enter, does it show what you were editing has now been accepted? If so, your edit is done.


I'll admit this is somewhat of a shot in the dark based on minimal information...but like the developer wrote: "An error occurred, if this keeps happening, contact support." 🙂

Doing so costs nothing but a little time.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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