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Backorder Credit & Number of Domains



If I purchase one backorder credit, can I set up multiple orders with it?



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Super User III

Re: Backorder Credit & Number of Domains

Hey there @darb,


I'm not 100% certain, but the last time I used a domain backorder, I recall it only being good for the specific domain I was trying to get. I could be wrong, though, or it could have changed.

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Re: Backorder Credit & Number of Domains

Hi @darb - As long as the backorder has not yet been successful, you can change it to a different domain using the steps in this article. You can only apply a backorder to one domain at a time. Once the backorder is successful, it will be removed from your account. Hope that helps. 


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Re: Backorder Credit & Number of Domains



I was hoping to be able to purchase a credit or two and enter a list of multiple names to have the credit applied, if or when a name from the list did drop and was caught.


To purchase a credit for each and every name in the outside chance that they may drop and the bid may be successful isn't overly attractive.