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Bought Domain via Google Got Fake Godaddy Support

I am a Godaddy customer but recently upgraded my generic google my business site that forwards to my "Google my Business" account. I would normally buy it via my Godaddy account, but there was no option to buy it from Godaddy, since I was on a Google site, so i bought it from Google.  I found so much junk mail after buying 1 domain from Google. Im so glad that most of my domains are with Godaddy. Has anybody seen this Phishing Scam?  Im surprised Godaddy is allowing this to run. 


There is a Phishing Scam that pretends to Verify your site. This look official until I notice the URL.  The url was .  I usually don't get trick by stuff like this, but this was was quite decent.  They use this verification to try to sell services and verify your information for personal gain. See the Proof below. 




Herman Bongco

Modelworks Direct



Godaddy Fake.PNG

Herman Bongco

Re: Bought Domain via Google Got Fake Godaddy Support

Hey @modelworks


We would not have allowed this as the URL and image you included would confirm this to be a phishing site. We appreciate you taking a moment to bring this to our attention. I'll be passing the details along to our security teams who will be further investigating for further actions to be taken.


In the meantime, I would recommend a thorough review of your local system that you accessed this site through to check for any virus or malware content that may have compromised your system. I would also recommend accessing your GoDaddy customer account from another device (not already used for accessing this same site) to reset all login details and security settings to be sure your account and personal details are not vulnerable to any further compromises. 


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