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.CN name verification fails all the time


As a long term customer, I registered for a new .cn domain, only to learn that Godaddy team is inefficient in verifying the ID as discussed below. My issue is exactly the same.


I have resubmitted the document for one last time, but it will be rejected. I understand the verification is done by an automated bot that cannot read or cross check the names or IDs. Either that or a by super dumb human to whom you cannot talk to.


Re: .CN name verification fails all the time

Hi @v_parthi,


Welcome to the Community!

Our verifications are reviewed by our CCTLD team (not a bot) and GoDaddy is required by the .CN Registry to obtain the specified verification documents. Unfortunately, no one in this volunteer Community forum has access to that process and can assist in this matter. Please provide exactly the information required. If you are still having trouble, you may contact our support team, so they can escalate your issue to the appropriate team to answer any questions you may have there. 



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