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Can't find domain nor receipt in account

A month ago I purchased a domain for a year, now in my account it says "no domains found" and I can't also find it in order history or receipts.


I can't place a call from my country and there's no other way to contact customer support (which is really annoying), so please someone help me.

My domain is "".

Former Employee

Greetings @alimorg ,


While we can't access your account, we inquired and the WHOIS shows the domain as registered here. If you're sure you know what account it is in, check "expired domains" if it's been over a year.


If you may also have it in an account of its own (that happens sometimes with online purchases). That can be found out on our homepage. You can recover the account number there and reset the password as long as the email is good.


If you don't know what email address is on the account, you can update it with the domain name and ID at and then retrieve account access.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Hey there,


Yeah it turned out to be a different username, so I had to sign in using username instead of my e-mail (it's like I have 2 accounts linked to the same e-mail, which's weird) but I found it so that's great!


Thank you!