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Cannot change DNS on my domain

Cannot change DNS on my domain

Hi. My name is Misha. I have restored my domain as early as July 6 and since that moment I can not make any changes to the DNS.


"Update your contact info and then notify us at invalidWHOI to make your domain status active."


I see such a warning related to my personal data. But the problem is that I have already sent two letters on July 6th, one eighth, one ninth, and one more today. And no one can help me in this nightmare. I applied to both telephone support and chat support. Experts said that this operation can take up to 72 hours. But it's already the fourth day and there are no positive changes.


Somebody can help me with this? My data is correct, but domain is ain't active.



i have by domain name but i can't connect my old blog  ican't host DNA godaddy can't help me???

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Hello, welcome to the community!  Unfortunately you'll need to work directly with support to resolve an issue like this in your account.


Hi @jastus,


Welcome to the Community!

Your domain,, is now resolving to its website and the whois data available. 


The domain,, is not showing as a registered domain and is available for purchase on the front of our website. It has either expired out of your account, been canceled, or removed due to some other issue in the account. 


Please contact the GoDaddy customer support team at a number in the link below if you have any other questions on either domain. 



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