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Cant publish website to registered domain

Hi there,


As the title suggests, I'm having issues publishing my website to the registered domain. I believe this is because the DNS settings showed the "A" type record as "parked" but I am unable to change this. 


I do not own this account, I am working on the website on behalf of the business owner and have been granted access to the account in order to create the site, which means that I do not know what the original IP address was before the DNS settings were updated, hence my issue. 


Is there any way of resetting the domain so it returns to a usable state, or something I can do which will allow me to publish the site onto this domain?


Thank you in advance,

Katie from The Gin Pot


Hi @TheGinPot, thanks for posting.

You should be able to manage the DNS settings for the domain. If you are not able to, that might indicate that the domain name is expired or something similar.

Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi Gary, thank you for your reply.


I am able to manage the settings, however I'm not sure what settings I need in place in order to publish the site to this domain. Is this something you could help me with; perhaps by directing me to a guide or any way to reset the settings to their original state? 

Hi @TheGinPot, thanks for following up.

If the website is setup on hosting in the same Customer account, setting the domain name to use the default nameservers should automatically connect it.

If the website was hosted with another provider, you would need to follow up with them to get the correct DNS settings to use with your domain.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

Hi Gary, 


The domain is set to default nameservers and I'm afraid it still isn't working. I believe that if there is a way to reset the domain to its original DNS settings then this would fix my problem as I am able to use a different domain of mine to host the site. 


Further help would be appreciated. 




Hi, I need help publishing, I am shown a message saying I first need to change my domain's A record (I have everything on Godaddy)
what does that even mean? I found where to change it, but what am I supposed to change it to?


Hi @sequoiawebsite,


Welcome to the Community!


What kind of hosting do you have with GoDaddy? If you'll provide the domain name in reply, our experts in the community can look it up externally and advise you what may need to be changed for your website to resolve. 



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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