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Charged twice

I renewed 4 domains and purchased a new one.  4 minutes later I wanted to buy another domain.  I proceeded and it appears it hadn't removed the previous renewals and so I've been charged twice for the same domains.  I chatted with support and they said I could not have a refund as it was my fault.  I feel it was the systems fault for not renewing them first time, but charging me for them.  I really fed up with Godaddy.  I have loads of domains but this is making me want to move them.

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I agree, that's a system mistake that someone should address. Here's the caveat to that: to refund you the money for the second year requires the domain to be deregistered, which would mean you don't own it anymore.


So, if those domains are important, you'll probably have to bite the bullet on that front. There are other ways they can make up for it, though. In this instance, you're probably going to have to talk to a supervisor. I only say that because they have more leeway to do something to help you out.

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Hi @Clockhandyman,


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It would appear that your browser was caching data and showing you a screen that had already been processed. We recommend clearing the cache of your browser, adjusting its settings or performing this function in a private/incognito browsing window.


When a domain renews, time of registration is added to the domain at the Registry. Once time has been added to a domain, GoDaddy is not able to have the Registry remove any time, or refund without completely deleting the domain. 




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