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DNS nameservers can not change

My website is down from last 7 days and i reported problem in godaddy many times and also generated ticket id 37265486 before 3 days and same time i received email says "We've received your question. You can expect a response within 72 hours."
Now when i called customer care after 72 hours, they told me to wait 72 hours more.
What is this? I gave you 7 days still my problem not solved. Now you need 72 hours more. How can believe your service. I lose too much from my website. Why your team not helping me. I am fully disappointed from your team work and service.
Community Manager

That definitely sounds like a frustrating situation @Rajesh4. I'm not sure what's occurring with your domain, but I can tell you that delays in situations like the one you're facing (especially with domains) usually mean we're waiting on the domain registry to take further action or provide information. Unfortunately, if that's the case, our teams can't move forward until the registry responds. We do take every issue very seriously and I'm sure yours will be addressed as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that this is not a support forum, so no one here would be able to help you with account specific issues. Sorry Man Sad 


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