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Domain Forwarding w/ Mask Shows "Invalid Characters Found" Error

Hi GoDaddy Community,


Was hoping someone could help me figure this out.


What I'd like to Happen:

Have the URL of landing pages made on Wordpress display the domains I purchased on GoDaddy. 


What's Actually Happening:

From the DNS manager, the forwarding without a mask works. When the settings are changed to forward with a mask, an error above the "save" button reads "Invalid Characters Found." (see image below). The same error has happened when I tried to apply forward with masking on several of the domains I have. It has also occurred when I remove the "www" part of the forwarded URL. 


Any insights would be great! Thanks.



Community Manager

Hi @steste17vol. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'm not sure why you'd be seeing that error. My guess would be that the text you're using was copied and pasted from another source and perhaps there are invisible characters. I'd try removing everything, then typing in the description if you haven't already done that. Also, I'd suggest clearing your browser's cache and cookies just for good measure. If that doesn't work, you may want to connect with support.


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