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I cannot delete my domain name


I’m trying to delete the following domain name:


I have already consulted your online chat.


I have also followed the instructions from the article below:


The above instructions do not apply to me. I don’t see the domain name in my account page (see screen 01.jpg):


…but it is still visible in my products page and the auto-renew is still on. (see screen 02.jpg):


I have already spent hours trying to delete the domain. At the moment I’m in a dead-end as the Delete Domain option is disabled (see screen 03.jpg):



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Re: I cannot delete my domain name

Could it be the domain has Protected Registration?  That would need to be canceled before making such changes to the domain.


Your screenshots are still awaiting moderation at this time.  What did support say?

Re: I cannot delete my domain name

Hi Nate. Thanks for responding.

According to the instructions you sent me, there is a link at the bottom of the Domain Settings page, called 'Remove Protected Registration'. This link is not available on my page.

Support told me that it should be OK in a while.


Re: I cannot delete my domain name

The problem is resolved. domains are updated/deleted from the following site: