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MX Record

Recently I wanted to use one of my domains on email servers. So I added MX record, and there was only one mx record. But after 48 hours, I am still waiting Godaddy to add this mx record. Whenever I ping  my address, I got wrong ip address reply. 


I contact to Godaddy via phone support. One of the guy told me that I can not redirect mx record or add because I need to buy a hosting service even redirecting for email?


Is that true? Otherwise I will transfer all of my domains to another hosting platform and never use or recommend Godaddy again.


Re: MX Record

you should not ping


the right way to do is to use mx tools online to get mx record of your domain.


This is an example

GoDaddy Pro Journeyperson
GoDaddy Pro Journeyperson

Re: MX Record

Do you have an email service set up with GoDaddy? If not, there is nothing to set up. 

Adding an MX record simply tells the DNS where to route email, but if there is no mail service setup, it won't go anywhere.

You will need to purchase email service in order for your email to work on your domain.