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Managing delegated account access for your domains

Did you know that you can let other people securely manage your GoDaddy products through delegated account access? It's safer than sharing your login credentials, and it gives you more control over their permission levels.


We recently added new security enhancements to how delegated account access works with domains. You can now group your domains into folders, then grant delegated access on a folder-by-folder basis.


In the past, the people you granted delegated access to would be able to manage all your domains. With the new folder system, you now have more control over who you're granting access to, and the permission levels for each.


Here's an example:


Let's say you've hired a web developer to build a new website for your business. You want them to only have access to the domains you're using for the business. So you create a new folder, add the domains to that folder, and grant your web developer delegated access to that folder.


Easy, right? 🙂


How does this affect you?


Have you granted delegated account access to people in the past? If so, they won't be able to manage your domains until you assign them to a folder.


Refer to this Help article for detailed instructions on setting up folders and granting delegated access permissions. 


How does this affect GoDaddy Pro members?


Website designers & developers in our GoDaddy Pro partner program need to have their clients follow the steps outlined above.


If your client has trouble setting up the folders, consider jumping on a screenshare session to walk them through the process.


Alternatively your clients can get in touch with us. Our Guides will be happy to talk them through it over the phone or live chat.


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Getting Started

Wow @Andy.  A change that literally impacts every single client we are working with and instantly removes our access to manage countless sites.  I can appreciate the increased security and flexibility but  wouldn't it have made sense to make the previous permissions the default and only require those that want to change them to make adjustments?  Instead you're impacting every Pro and every customer who works with a Pro.   This is the very opposite of time saving and efficient.