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My Domain with hosting is not working after 36 hours :)

😞 Your system is very much confusion - I've bought a reseller account. Then I bought a cpanel hosting account with a free domain - It's almost 36 hours passed website is not accessible through domain name 


I have checked even this domain is still available for sale, means you guys have not even register this domain yet. If this is the case it will become difficult for  me to continue with you, as how I would satisfy my future customers if you will give such pain to even your resellers. 


Please hook up my domain - and the site should be up in next few hours. 

You know even your support contacting system through email is not that much friendly, I had to spend quite a time to find this place - for which I'm still doubtful that it is right place to launch my complaint or not. 


please help.




syed aliraza


Hi @syedalirazarizv


Welcome to the Community!


Your domain is not showing as available for sale on the front of our website (" is taken"). And it is successfully resolving to your website in several browsers. Please give our customer support a call if you are still experiencing any other problems with the domain. 



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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